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About Acumen

Acumen is a consulting agency which approaches business solutions through the lens of behavioral science, industrial and organizational psychology, and behavior economics to provide your business or organization with innovative, strategic solutions to grow and develop your operations and the potential of your leadership.

Industrial and organizational (IO) psychology is the science of individual, group, and organizational behavior.  At Acumen, our approach to innovation utilizes IO psychology to customize tailored solutions for the unique needs of your business or organization.  We can work with your leadership to help you improve the quality of your workforce, increase productivity, resolve conflicts, develop the leadership potential and skills of your employees, maximize the impact of your business literature and promotional materials, adjust your company vision and policies to reflect industry best practices, improve employee perceptions and satisfaction, manage organizational change, and develop and implement initiatives and interventions.

Diversity Review

While Acumen offers a broad array of services, we specialize in diversity, multiculturalism, inclusion, and poverty dynamics.  We are seeking to identify the best places in Lynchburg for diversity, both for employees and for clients/customers.  While it is easy to tacitly understand that diversity is important and matters, it is much more difficult to reflect that position in business and organizational practices. 

Research is clear that businesses with a commitment to promoting, valuing, respecting, and empowering a diverse workforce:

  • experience more growth than competitors

  • have more satisfied customers/clients and employees

  • recruit more talented candidates for employment

  • receive fewer HR/EEOC complaints

  • are perceived more positively within the community

  • experience returns and profits above industry norms

Acumen understands the demographic and cultural make-up of our community and the need...

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Acumen is here to help you drive change in your business or organization. 




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