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About Acumen

About Acumen


Acumen is a consulting agency which approaches business solutions through the lens of behavioral science, industrial and organizational psychology, and behavior economics to provide your business or organization with innovative, strategic solutions to grow and develop your operations and the potential of your leadership.

Industrial and organizational (IO) psychology is the science of individual, group, and organizational behavior.  At Acumen, our approach to innovation utilizes IO psychology to customize tailored solutions for the unique needs of your business or organization.  We can work with your leadership to help you improve the quality of your workforce, increase productivity, resolve conflicts, develop the leadership potential and skills of your employees, maximize the impact of your business literature and promotional materials, adjust your company vision and policies to reflect industry best practices, improve employee perceptions and satisfaction, manage organizational change, and develop and implement initiatives and interventions.

What can I expect when I call Acumen?

You or a member of your leadership team will meet with a consultant for an informal discovery meeting, during which time the consultant will ask you a series of questions, listen to your concerns, and document the information you provide.  The consultant will then develop a recommended plan of action and meet with you to discuss the options for meeting your organizational needs according to what works best within your budget, time constraints, and workplace climate.  As the client, your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your organization is the top priority of Acumen.  Acumen can continue to work with you and your organization on an as-needed basis to ensure continued growth and success. Click here for examples of how Acumen might serve your business.

Can Acumen Help My Business or Organization?

Acumen is equipped to provide sustainable and innovative solutions for small businesses, government entities, non-profit organizations, religious establishments, and large corporations.  We are equipped to handle most workplace challenges and growth initiatives.  Click here to see examples of how we might be able to help.

It seems like Acumen does a lot.  What does Acumen not do?

Basically, if your needs involve people, we can help.  For example, if your manufacturing business is losing money due to frequent employee errors, low employee skill level, poor safety practices, inconsistent attendance, insubordination, and/or poor communication between departments, we can help with all of that.  We couldn't teach your engineering department how to draft blueprints or your welding department how to use oxyacetylene torches, but we can help you with everything else to maximize the potential of your current workforce.  Give us a call or write us to find out all the ways we can help to drive progress.  

Can Acumen really help my business?

The short answer: yes, absolutely!

Inefficiency, high turn-over rates, low productivity, poor employee satisfaction, interpersonal conflict, inconsistent performance, low cultural competence, poorly-written or conceived documents, HR concerns, code violations, and low motivation cost far more than our services.  If Acumen can't help your business save money, then we will help you find the right professionals to address your needs.  

What if I don't know what my organization needs?

Meeting the needs of your organization is our specialty, and that begins with understanding those needs.  You may not be able to identify why you are losing money, why your employees are frequently late or absent from work, why you aren't meeting your professional benchmarks and goals, or why your workforce lacks motivation.  Acumen has the expertise to help you identify in what ways your organization needs help and how to best meet those needs.  A consultant will conduct a thorough analysis before recommending solutions and helping you execute a plan of action.

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