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Acumen Consulting is dedicated to improving the workplace conditions and quality of life for all employees, consumers, and clients in the Lynchburg area.  We feel that showcasing organizations and businesses which reflect a dedication to the diverse citizens of our region is one way we can help keep the community informed about places to work, shop, or participate which value and respect the talent, needs, business, and the satisfaction of all members of the community. 
Best Places to Work for Diversity and Inclusion in Lynchburg

This list highlights local employers which demonstrate a commitment to recruiting and hiring a diverse and inclusive workforce, to creating a cultural climate in the workplace which celebrates inclusion, to developing the leadership of diverse employees, to structuring policies and procedures which encourage ownership, dedication, and personal responsibility on behalf of all employees, to implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives, and to engaging with the community's diverse citizens in a proactive way to improve the conditions and neighborhoods of diverse populations.  

Best Places to Be a Client or Customer for Diversity in Lynchburg

This list features businesses and organizations which have a commitment to the diverse and inclusive needs of their customers, clients, and the broader community.  Whether through initiatives which train employees to be culturally competent, through efforts to include and support patrons and clients of various ability levels, or through outreach and community engagement to ensure services and supports are provided for the diverse citizens of Lynchburg, these organizations are thoughtfully and purposefully making a difference in the area.

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